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OrgFinances for Workgroup

This is a more powerful version of OrgFinances, with all of the features
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2 March 2015

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This software is about managing family or business finances, tracking income and expenses and do budgeting successfully. The software is meant for a workgroup that works over a network.

OrgFinances is an accounting tool that can be used by a workgroup, sharing data in real-time. That makes it convenient for a small business to take care of all the accounting needs conveniently. Family members also could use this tool to manage their family budget, income and expenditures. While beginners do not need much of a skill set or training to get started, the feature set is rich enough to please experienced users. You would be able to get a snapshot of your business any time and strategize your expenditures accordingly. The stats can be as comprehensive as you want them to be. Expenses can be categorized into unlimited types to be able to get a very categorical picture. The reporting is also up to your choice. You could get a very comprehensive one or a selective one.

The program includes a scheduler and a calendar that are useful in the business environment. These can be exported to the Outlook if you need to. E-mail or SMMS alerts about the scheduler and calendar events could be sent to your collaborators. You could export the financial data too in various formats including HTML, XML, Excel and PDF for further management or for mailing them to relatives or partners. The invoices making interface is almost WYSIWYG. The display comes up in invoice like format. The account based details, in all the accounting heads/categories created, can be viewed together to get a good overall picture.

Publisher's description

This is a more powerful version of OrgFinances, with all of the features of the standard version, but with the additional capability to share data in real time over the network (local area network). OrgFinances by BinaryHouse is an easy and convenient accounting tool for home users, sole traders, small businesses and organizations. Its decided advantage is that it considerably facilitates finance management without requiring any special skills or qualifications: that is, novice users will definitely appreciate its simplicity, while advanced users will enjoy the rich variety of features and more sophisticated settings. OrgFinances is able to provide clear statistics for any day or time period and secures your financial data with a password.
OrgFinances is developed to help you successfully manage family or business finances, track income sources and articles of expenditure, plan the budget and cut down unimportant expenses. The program supports unlimited customizable categories, which contribute to efficient organization of accounts, and, according to your preferences, generates either comprehensive or selective reports. Moreover, they can be exported to text documents, iCalendar, HTML, XML, Excel and PDF for further management or for mailing them to relatives or partners.
Among other useful features there is a handy scheduler and a calendar of appointments, which can be exported to Outlook in case of need. Timely reminders won't let you forget anything!
* Unlimited number of accounts and categories;
* Comprehensible statistics for any day or period of time;
* Facilitation of finance management;
* Export to text documents, iCal, HTML, XML, Excel and PDF;
* A handy scheduler and a calendar of appointments;
* You can use e-mail or SMS to send appointments and reminders;
* Tracking recurring transactions;
* Convenience and intuitive interface;
* Password protection.
OrgFinances for Workgroup
OrgFinances for Workgroup
Version 2.6
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